IMG_2439_1 Wolf Mountains In The Spring
Right after spring has come into wolf mountains we could not refuse to go there again for few days and nights.  Ground is covered by fresh young grass with its inimitable spring green colour. Same it is with the young leafes on ... Read more

autor: Tomáš Kaliský Spring Migration – Cranes at Senné, Slovakia
Watching cranes in Slovakia? When driving to eastern Slovakia last week we were asking ourselves what we should expect from this kind of experience. We have been looking forward to take some pictures mainly, to spend some time ... Read more

EWS logo 3590 pix KALT CARPATICA is becoming official partner of European Wilderness Society
With a great enjoyment we want to inform that CARPATICA became official partner of the Europen Wilderness Society (EWS). The European Wilderness Society is set up by committed individuals and organisation and works to change to ... Read more

Wolf Mountains Wolf Mountains – movie
This is a story about the rebirth of European wilderness, in which the wolf, the wisent, the bear and other rare animals live as freely as centuries ago. Take a look with us into the unrestrained area of the Eastern Carpatians, ... Read more

© Tomáš Kaliský Aldo Leopold quote
“Recreational development is a job not of building roads into the lovely country, but of building receptivity into the still unlovely human mind.” Aldo Leopold ... Read more